Product Description

TeXtra is a software that integrates 3 applications that otherwise could run as 3 standalone programs:

TeXtra has been designed to manage real estate properties such as:

The mission statement of TeXtra is to automate daily tasks in your office, reduce numbers of errors, and improve your bottom-line through increased productivity. TeXtra's graphical interface is designed to facilitate training of your personnel and to make the everyday tasks more enjoyable.

Program Features

Multi-Platform Capability

TeXtra has a unique ability to run on different platforms such as Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows NT, Macintosh, and Power Mac. Our Windows 95 and Windows NT versions are a true 32 bit application that will take full advantage of the 32 bit access that will result in faster performance. You can mix different platforms on the same network and still work with the same data file.

Multi -Territorial Features

It is not uncommon that in certain territories real estate is regulated by the local governments. As a result, Landlord/Tenant correspondence may require special government approved forms; rent increases have to follow government guidelines; and a tenant can refuse rent increase in which case such increase is suspended until the appropriate government body approves it. If interest is to be paid on security deposits, the way in which such interest is calculated may differ from territory to territory. In TeXtra, all that you have to do, is to identify the geographical location of every property, and the corresponding regulations will be applied automatically on a property by property basis.

Multi-language Capability

Currently, TeXtra is available in English and French. Landlord/Tenant correspondence (Ex. notification on rent increase) is generated in the language of the lease irrespective of the version. Future versions of TeXtra will have capability to generate bilingual correspondence in languages other than English and French (Ex. English and Spanish - important in some regions of the United States).

Multi-company capability

TeXtra has been designed for property managers who either manage their own properties or properties of other owners. As every property has its own General Ledger, properties can be grouped together to reflect ownership, kind of property, geographical location etc. Thus, one owner can be presented with a set of financial statements for all his properties combined, a separate financial statement per property type (Ex. commercial, residential), and yet a separate financial statement for every geographical location.

Management of Leases

TeXtra keeps track of leases from the past, present and future tenants. You are always up-to-date with the status of leases (moving-in date, moving-out date, outstanding tenant balances, history of transactions etc.) and the program automatically computes rent increases, and provides you with all the features necessary to improve the efficiency of your management team (Ex. list of vacant units, forecast of rental income etc.). TeXtra provides you with free format Landlord/Tenant correspondence for such standard notifications as letter of rent increase, NSF notice, and notice of rent late payment.

Accounts Receivables

TeXtra makes tracking of your receivables easy, allowing for quick collection. TeXtra will also manage your tenant’s deposits, prepayments, postdated checks... so you will always have a clear picture of your tenant’s balances. Furthermore, you will be able to send notices of late payments. If you take legal action against some delinquent tenants, you will be able to follow-up all the pending legal actions.

Accounts Payables

TeXtra allows you to input invoices and then select them for payment depending on the due date and the balance of your bank account. You can also make use of purchase orders to insure that the work invoiced has been pre-authorized and that the final invoice is in line with the original estimate. TeXtra will print cheques for your suppliers and tenants. If you have to deal with multiple bank accounts, you can choose to use MICR technique and print cheques for different banks in one shot.


TeXtra’s accounting system offers all the features normally found in a conventional accrual accounting system (postdated and retroactive transactions, automatic accruals, recurring charges, automated budget preparation, bank reconciliation...) plus some additional features specific to property management such such as integrated mortgage module, automatic tenant billing, proportional application of sale taxes for properties of mixed type (commercial/residential) etc.

Minimum Configuration

The minimum hardware configuration to install TeXtra on a personal computer is:

Management of Residential Properties

Management of Commercial Properties

Management of Condominiums

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