Top Ten Benefits of Using TeXtra

1. Easy, intuitive, navigation in a point-and-click environment.

Navigation in TeXtra has been designed to mimic daily procedures in your office rather than to follow the modular structure of the program. If you want to review the tenant's lease, print him a statement, find the license plate number of his car, check all outstanding postdated cheques, etc., you can do all of that without jumping between different modules of the program. TeXtra uses the concept of hyper-linked windows where every click of the mouse takes you to the next level of detail for a given information. This way, clarity of information on individual screens remains preserved.

2. Easy and fast implementation - get running now, fix details later.

TeXtra comes equipped with a pre-defined chart of accounts that allows you to get started as soon as you have finished entering the leases. You can modify the chart of accounts at a later date, and that includes changing account numbers at the time when you will already have transactions and active General Ledger. There is no urgency to enter opening balances for tenants, suppliers and GL accounts until such time when all the numbers have been firmed up.

3. Designed by property managers.

TeXtra has been designed by the very same property managers who came to use it when it become operational. Property managers are to familiar with the waste of time that can be experienced due to repetitious data entry. Thus, TeXtra is loaded with productivity tools that automate data entry when making such common entries as adjusting tenant's balance or generating NSF transactions and a letter to tenant. We did not forget the accountants; we have provided them with auto-reverse transactions and automatic purge of small tenant balances.

4. Preservation of information.

TeXtra is a data base application that retains information for as long as you want it to. There is no deterioration of information with the passage of time. Thus, you will be able to not only retrieve old transactions, but also to run financial statements (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, all Journals etc.) for any of the periods in your previous fiscal year. You will also be able to enter retroactive transactions for either the current or the previous fiscal year. Tenant's and Supplier's balances, as well as retained earnings, will be adjusted on-the-fly with every retroactive transaction.

5. Ease of use.

Considerable amount of effort has been devoted to make TeXtra as user friendly as possible. Yet, at the end of the day, it has to be acknowledge that to some extend, this is an accounting application and an accounting know-how is necessary. If you are a small company however, you may only have a part time accountant. If you have a large operation, you may have a full time accountant but he is busy and would like to delegate as much as possible to the junior staff. TeXtra comes equipped with Macros that allow a person without any accounting knowledge to enter the most common entries in the General Journal. The user identifies which Macro he wants to use and the macro decides which accounts to debit and which to credit. What is more, the accountant can review all the transactions entered this way before they find their way to the General Ledger.

6. Unihibited growth.

TeXtra is using a data base engine that has been designed for the corporate environment. If you are a small or medium operator, there is lots of horsepower left to accommodate your growth. TeXtra is also loaded with features like multi banking or MICR cheque printing, which you may not want to use until your operation becomes sizable. Our pricing and upgradability policy lays out a trouble-free migration path for you future growth.

7. Free format notes linked with the agenda

With TeXtra, you can create free format notes and link them to a particular tenant or supplier. Notes are categorized to allow for quick global queries. If you are on the network, the manager can review notes related to a particular subject and add his directive to the notes instructing his staff as to the action to be taken. You may request that a particular note be added to the agenda giving you a countdown to the deadline date. A step forward towards a paperless office.

8. Year 2000 compliant.

TeXtra has been designed as year 2000 compliant. Therefore, there is no patches in our application to achieve this objective.

9. Exporting capabilities.

TeXtra is equipped with the exporting tool that allow you to export files in different formats (Ex. Dif, Lotus, Comma Delimited, etc). Moreover, after you have printed a report to the screen, you can cut and paste a report, or part of it, into Excel, Lotus, or any word processor.

10. Find answers quickly to your questions.

If you have a question, our toll free number (800-393-8466) is waiting for your call between 9 AM till 9 PM Eastern Time. If you prefer to drop us an E-mail, we usually respond within the same day including weekends. If you are rushing with implementation and need technical support over the weekend, this can be arranged, free of charge, with a 48 hours advanced notice.

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