Property Management Software

TeXtra is a multi-user, multi-platform, fully integrated property management and accounting software designed to manage Residential , Commercial , and Condominium properties. Our software is designed to work on all Windows and Macintosh platforms, (including OS X).

This Web Site is uniquely designed to allow full evaluation of our software through downloads of relevant material. Our prices are also listed on our Sales page. Make sure that you reference prices in your area (Ex. Canadian vs. US).

Take Advantage of our 3 months free trial offer.
It is our policy to let you take our software for a "test drive" without any strings attached. You may take up to 3 months to use and evaluate a fully functional version of our Property Management Software with a hypothetical or live data. Moreover, all participants in our Three Months Free Trial Offer are entitled to a free technical support throughout the trial period. To enroll in our 3 Month Free Trial project, simply click here and download TeXtra Application Files along with the relevant documentation. Then, give us a call whenever you have a question.


 TeXtra introduces OSX version. This application is a true OSX software, designed to run on the Macintosh OSX operating system. Our users, who up until now, had to invoke the Classic mode in order to run TeXtra, should find this as a significant improvement. Best to our knowledge, we are the only vendor that offeres this kind of software for the OSX platform.has a significant improvemente


 TeXtra introduces remote connectivity with the use of Windows NT 4.0 Terminal Server. This technology provides TeXtra users with the remote processing capability via Internet or telephone line and modem. This technology is perfect for those property managers that have decentralized operation (Ex. Accounts Payable handled in the central office while lease management and Accounts Receivable conducted in regional offices across the country). Use of the Internet allows avoiding long distance charges.

 TeXtra introduces Personally Approved Payments module (PAP) in Accounts Receivable. This productivity feature allows tenants to pre-authorize automatic debits of their bank accounts. TeXtra sends Tenant's pre-authorized payment information electronically to the bank.

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